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Portrait de stagiaire - Harry Haydon


Check out Harry's video portrait. A tennis trainee tells us about his experience at the HDN Academy !

Cédric : Hello guys, this week, the video is in english. I'll tell you why. At the HDN Academy, it's now summer camp, end of July, and this week we have a player comming from UK : Harry Haydon.

Harry can you introduce yourself ?

Harry : Hello, i'm Harry H, i from Britain England, I came here to improve my tennis.

Cédric : Ok, so you love tennis, you play a lot of tennis in Uk. How did you come here at the HDN Academy and why ?

Harry : I came in tennis academy because of the nice wether and the good tournaments as well with the training. So, you can improve in the training and then go and practice in the tournaments.

Cédric : This is the program that we have built with tournaments and matches with the coach watching you and then practice and keeping the informations from the match and try to help you to improve more.

Harry : yes, definitly.

Cédric : Whats are your objectives for the end of the week ?

Harry : it's been a realy good starts for me, I have got lot of patchs and lot of feedback and my goal for the rest of the week is to play more matchs and just keep improving.

Cédric : How many matches today ?

Harry : One match today.

Cédric : Ok, maybe to end this little discussion, can you tell us your objectives in the furture ? After going back in UK, what do you to achieve in tennis ?

Harry : I want to achieve... going, probably, to an american University and playing tennis there and hopefully then go to a professional circuit !

Cédric : Ok, so first step is a scolarship in a US university and the final step is being on the pro circuit. Ok so, harry here we are going to help you a little time for this week and also in the future ... we'll see that. Thanks you ! and bye !

Harry : Bye !

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